MHP Presentation Designer

An Educational Training Kit for Military Hearing Preservation

Most military hearing loss could be avoided by the use of hearing-protective devices, yet service personnel often do not bother with them.  In response to the US Navy's directive to improve awareness of the effects of noise on hearing,  Sensimetrics has worked with the Naval Submarine Medical Research Laboratory (Groton, CT) to develop the Military Hearing Preservation (MHP) Training Kit.
The main objective of this development was to motivate hearing protector use by giving an accurate, personalized glimpse of potential hearing loss.  An associated goal was to provide military audiologists with the ability to customize training to both individuals and groups, and to do it with materials that are fresh and engaging.
The MHP Training Kit contains three components: the Presentation Designer for creating custom presentations, the Presentation Player for delivering presentations with minimal audiologist involvement, and the Demonstrator, for demonstrating simulated hearing losses interactively.

Development of the MHP Training Kit was funded by the Office of Naval Research.