Presentation Designer

Using the Presentation Designer, a military audiologist can customize hearing conservation Presentations in three ways:

  1. by selecting and ordering the modules that make up the Presentation
  2. by showing the Potential Hearing Loss that is used for simulations in the Presentation
  3. by entering an Individual Hearing loss for comparison with normal hearing and the Potential Hearing Loss. A Presentation can be delivered immediately after it is created, or it can be saved to a file for later delivery.

A variety of different means of content delivery are used in the modules. Some use narrated graphics, others demonstrate audio simulations of hearing loss, and some present video testimonials from service personnel who have experienced the effects of hearing loss.

Designer Flowchart


A version of the MHP Training Kit has been prepared expressly for the Army. Service-specific versions of the kit allow the content and examples to be customized to the specific needs and interests of each branch.

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